The Andaz Hotel

7am –3pm

Postcode: EC2M 7QN

Located in the boutique Andaz Hotel attached to Liverpool Street Station, this 'private' studio environment is perfect for one-to-ones. With access to the luxury hotel changing facilities, we can develop and hone a custom pilates programme just for you during your tricky work hours and afterwards you get cleaned up and ready to rock n'roll in the office with great posture.

Why the Andaz is perfect for you...


  • Access to all Pilates apparatus in the Studio (mat, reformer, trapeze and other props)
  • Customised Pilates sessions to help meet your goals
  • Programme designed for your individualised needs encourages your focus & commitment
  • It’s all about your long & short term goals which are heard and explored at your pace
  • Plus, access to private gym floor space, luxury changing facilities with private showers and lockers.

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