The Atelier

Tuesdays, Thursdays
10am – 7pm

Postcode: N1

Nourishing, focused and restorative 'private' pilates environment. Ideal for one-on-one sessions engineered to inform, develop and hone a custom programme just for you. Need a bit more syncing with your wellness? Book a Cranio session for after your pilates session to really feel settled in your mind, body and spirit. Located 7-min walk from Angel Tube Station.

Why the Atelier is perfect for you...


  • Ideal private, focused, and calm environment for one-to-one sessions
  • Access to top of the range Pilates reformer (Balanced Body Allegro II) and mixed props
  • Want to explore Cranio sessions
  • Easy to get to location to/from City, North, East, Central, and South London
  • Customised Pilates sessions to help meet your goals
  • Programme designed for your individualised needs encourages your focus & commitment
  • It’s all about your long & short term goals which are heard and explored at your pace

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